Thursday, February 7, 2013

AGO Faerie Farts - My First Indie Swatch & Review Post

Hey hey! This post is a special one for me. Samantha aka A Girl Obsessed sent me one of her new creations to try! I feel privileged to be one of the first to try her stuff out. She has just started creating AGO polish and, get this...she's a jet engine mechanic! How awesome is that? Being a former machinist, I feel like we are destined to be great polish friends. Any chick that can do a so-called "man's job" is awesome right? :) Anywhos, besides her regular job and her new polish venture, she also makes and sells some really cute jewelry.  I'll provide you with links to check out Sam's awesome stuff at the end of my post :) I'm so excited to share my swatches and opinions with you gals. This polish is extra special to me because I even got to suggest colors to use! She happened to name this awesome glitter child o' mine Faerie Farts :) Friggin' adorable, right? Well, as not many of you know I used to have a photography & Photoshop obsession, still do if time permits it just doesn't usually. I made zombies and other creepy stuff with the photos I've taken of friends and family for laughs. Yes, I'm a weirdo. My "creative process" was to tap into my alter ego, and that alter ego's name was Fartsey Faye! So, obviously this collaboration was meant to be ;) Ok now I shall stop the gushing and get on with the show!

 A Girl Obsessed Faerie Farts is a nude crelly with small mint green matte glitter, medium gold (or pastel green) matte hex glitters, and medium pink matte hex glitters :) The gold (or pastel green) hex glitters are really neat, they seem to shift from pastel green to gold so I'm not real sure which color they are but they're pretty! Here's a swatch showing 3 coats of Faery Farts, no undies, with a coat of Seche Vite topcoat...

 I must tell you ladies, being my first indie polish ever - I am seriously impressed with the formula of AGO's polish. This is my first, but will definitely not be the last! I'm hooked now, and I'm going to focus on adding to my indie collection now so be on the lookout for lots of indie swatches in the future!

 Unfortunately, the camera didn't really show the true awesomeness of Faerie Farts without undies. But I promise you in person it is friggin gorgeous! I decided to swatch it with some undies so you can get a better look though. Here's 2 coats of AGO Faerie Farts over 2 coats of MP Sation 3 Free-Dom with a coat of Seche Vite topcoat...

Now how 'bout a closeup...

Pretty huh? I'm really diggin it! It is the perfect polish for spring, reminds me of Easter :) I'm excited to see how Faerie Farts looks over other colors, but for now I'll show you how it looks over 3 Free-Dom mattified...

And another closeup...

So there it is. A Girl Obsessed Faerie Farts is friggin sweet! It screams "Spring Time" and I totally love it. I should also add that Faerie Farts is a prototype, a creative collaboration. Not everyone likes a nude crelly, and luckily Sam thought of that. That's why she also created Fae. Yeppers, that chick is a genius! Faye is the same glitter formula in a clear base, which makes it easier to layer it over those pretty spring-time pastels :) Sweet right? It's currently for sale, check out AGO's photo of Faye here. I'm really interested to see how it looks over yellow, purple, dark pink...aaahhh. I think I have Spring fever. Anyway, my opinion on AGO Faery Farts is pretty clear if you've been reading the review...I love it! Sam really impressed me with this stuff. The formula is so easy to work with. It's the perfect consistency, which kinda surprised me since it's so glittery. It dried pretty quickly too, that's always a huge bonus.

So, are you ready to try out some AGO creations yourself? Well, since A Girl Obsessed is just starting out, she doesn't have a shop setup just yet. But don't fret! She accepts Paypal payments :) It's as simple as sending her a pm on Facebook. Click here to be directed to the AGO Facebook page, be sure & give her a "like" while you're at it. Check out her Polishes For Sale album to see what's currently available. Good luck picking just one though!  The AGO polishes are reasonably priced, $9 for full size and $4.50 for minis. Shipping aint bad either. And if handmade jewelry is your fancy, you can check out her FB page Cooley Jooelry here. She'll be happy to take your order, even customized pieces! Right now you can also purchase V-Day grab bags in 3 sizes, each containing AGO polish and Cooley Jooelry pieces! Be sure to check that out or drop the hint to your significant other ;) I hope you've enjoyed my review on my first ever indie polish. I just got a macro lens & still don't quite have the art of photographing swatches down yet. Bare with me ladies, I'll get better, and I am so buying a new camera soon! Regardless, I was so excited to be given one of AGO's creations for review, I feel like I've entered a whole new world...The world of sweet ass indies! How did I manage to stay satisfied with just main-stream polishes all these years? Sam has created a monster, no doubt and I can't wait to bring you more indie reviews in the future! P.S. I'll be working on a very special post for ya next week, featuring another AGO polish ;) Fans of The Walking Dead wont want to miss this MWAHAHAH! Ok, I have to ask before I close this post...Have you tried any AGO polish yet? Are you going to? Well you friggin better! Just kidding, but if you're an indie lover I recommend it :) Do you own any Cooley Jooelry yet? Plan on it? Gimme your thoughts and opinions, I'd love to hear!


  1. What a pretty polish! The colours are so playful and cute. I think it looks great over the base colour you picked. I am always a huge fan of subtle things. Very pretty!

  2. You are right any woman who can do a "man's job" is awesome!!! Former tree trimmer over here!!! I love the way Fairie Farts looks!!!

  3. Nice Shade :)
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    1. I did! Likey likey :) I'm following you on GFC & FB now :)