Saturday, January 26, 2013

Miss Professional Sation Nail Lacquer Swatch-A-Thon Post

Hello All! Now that I've gotten some tips on improving my photo quality, I've decided to write up my first swatch post! So, here's the deal. I won 4 bottles of Sation Nail Lacquer and a mini Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat from the Of Life And Lacquer blog giveaway. I'm super stoked for a few reasons. One of them being I have yet to try Seche Vite, and I really didn't feel like a true member of the nail community until I got my mini! Yay, now I belong! Another reason I was super stoked about winning this giveaway is I haven't tried Sation Nail Lacquer before either and I love trying out new polishes! Check it out...

 BYO Bottle from the Nailstock collection is a gorgeous, muted Raisin Plum color. It looks a bit on the brown side in certain light to me and I love it! Sation's formula is so easy to work with. It's just the right consistency and dries to a high-shine finish. I used a base coat and two coats of BYO Bottle for this swatch. NO top coat. Check out that shine! I'm really diggin' this polish :)

This is 3 Free-Dom, also from the Nailstock collection. I was totally speechless after applying 3 coats to achieve full opaqueness. OMG, I think this may be my favorite nude polish ever. Again, no top coat was used. I can't say enough how awesome the finish of Sation is! It's like there's a top coat built in. Amazing shine, I love that!

Next up is Stirring Silver from Sation's California Gleamin' collection. This one is really gorgeous too. It's a silver-blue cream with a very subtle blue-ish purple shimmer. You can see the shimmer in the bottle, but it doesn't really show up on the nails. Not that it's a problem, the color is gorgeous regardless. I really like this one, looks more blue than anything to me and I'm so into blues right now :) This swatch I used 2 coats of Stirring Silver and no top coat. As expected, it dried to a glossy, smooth shine.

My last Sation is Tardy Tart from the Class Of Sation collection. It's awesomeness in a bottle, no kidding. Purple is my favorite color! I own so many purple shades, but I really do think this one is my new go-to shade. Once again, I didn't use a top coat. The swatch below demonstrates the awesome pigment and shine using 2 coats of Tardy Tart. I love the names they come up with for these polishes! So cute :)

So, there you have it. My first swatch post. I've been wanting to put together a good swatch-a-thon post for you guys for a while now. I literally have hundreds of swatch photos on my pc, I just really don't want to show you guys cruddy photos. So with that said, I really must give a HUGE "Thank You" to the awesome Melissa of Claw of Cthulhu for the much needed photo advice, and for sharing the Nails by Kayla Shevonne blog post on light boxes & lighting with me. I also want to thank Cynthia of the Of Life and Lacquer blog for sending me these awesome polishes and that super sweet Seche Vite mini! I totally understand why she loves Sation Nail Lacquer so much. I've heard nothing but good things about Sation's 3-free formula and after trying 4 of them I must agree. The gorgeous collections, adorably silly names, and luxurious formula really does make Sation a must-have polish brand. At $5 a bottle, I believe they are well worth it. If you're interested in checking out Sation for yourself, you can visit their online shop here. You can also find them at TJ Maxx and Marshall's. Hopefully you have found my little post at least entertaining if not informative. So before I go I must ask...Will you try Sation Nail Lacquer? Do you already have some? And if so, do you love it? I'd love to hear your opinions. As always, constructive criticism and advice is welcome :)

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Lace and Lacquers: LYNBDESIGNS: V-Day Indies Giveaway!

 If you haven't checked out Lace and Lacquers' blog, you need to get your touche over there and follow! She's one of my favorites bloggers, always posts awesome swatches and the manic-ure Mondays Giveaway posts are a must too! Right now she's got an awesome little indie giveaway going on with LynBDesigns "Not So Conversational Hearts" and "Kiss Kiss" being the prizes! How sweet is that? Perfect for V-Day! Check out those awesome swatches she did, follow her blog, and enter to win :) Click here to be directed to Lace and Lacquers blog now!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

**18+ Only** My submission - Don't Be A Dick To Your Cervix Nail Art Contest

Hey Y'all! I've decided to try something new, something completely ridiculous. I'm entering the Don't be a Dick to your Cervix nail art contest. It's just a fun theme, I couldn't resist. It's the first contest I've entered, and I'm actually proud of myself for making vaginas on my finger nails. Wow, never thought I'd be sayin' that! I spent the better part of the evening working on them, I suck bad when it comes to making "nail art". I had to redo the damn things 3 times, but I'm happy with the final result. At one point I gave up & tried to paint wieners, but quickly decided vaginas are easier. I used cheap polish for this because I don't plan on having vaginas on my nails all day and I didn't want to waste good polish. I started with a nude LA Colors shade called "Whipped", I paid a whole $1 for it. To make the vulva, I used a thin nail art brush and pink polish that I mixed myself using a few shades. I just kept adding layers to build up something resembling a vulva. OMFG, I'm telling you people how I made va jay jays. Too damn funny! Ok, ok. So I let the layers dry just enough so they weren't sticky, took a toothpick and shaped the vulva. Then I used a cheap dark brownish Sinful Colors Polish called "Rich at Heart" to add a hairy bush with a lip brush. I added the tiniest bit of Rich at Heart to the inside of the vulva to give it more depth. Then I went back with the thin nail art brush and added a bit of  "Whipped" around the outside of the vulva and...BAM!

Bushy Beaver Nail Art!!!

So, I worked my a$s off on this little project. I had a blast doing it and I hope it gives you gals a good laugh. I can't very well end this post without asking...Are you entering the contest? Whatcha think of my entry? It's completely disgusting right? Ok, now that I have my photos taken and my post written I shall remove the va jay jays from my nails. I don't think it's a good look for me.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

My First Review: All Natural LightUpGloss by Dle Cosmetics

Hello lovelies! Today I'm very excited to be bringing you my first ever review. I'm kinda embarrassed that I'm currently using my phone to take photos. Any advice on photographing with a crap camera would be most appreciated. I promise, once I get the hang of this blogging stuff I will get a decent camera, so please bare with me. Ok, so on to the review!

Today I'm reviewing Dle Cosmetics All Natural Light Up Gloss in Plump Plum. I actually won the lip gloss in a giveaway hosted by Moxie Reviews. Dle Cosmetics uses all natural ingredients and the formula is ah-mazing! You can visit their website and purchase their lip gloss for $8.95 by clicking here. But without further ado, here's my lame photos of the awesome Plump Plum shade I picked out...

I dislike a lot of lip gloss because they always seem to be so sticky, but this one is just right. It's not too sticky and it doesn't have a funky taste to it like a lot of other unflavored lip gloss does. There's quite a bit of pigmentation to it too. Currently, Dle only sells their lip gloss in 8 colors. Gorgeous as they are, I hope they will add more in the future because I'd like a little more variety to choose from.

I always tend to go for darker shades on my lips and eyes, and I must admit I really am impressed with this lip gloss. I'm a smoker, so my lip gloss tends to wear off quickly, but this stuff actually stayed put fairly well when I used it over a lip liner. And like I said earlier, since it doesn't have a funky flavor to it and it isn't overly sticky, I really like it :) What do you think?

Yeah, I know. Another horrible photo, but it shows you how Plump Plum looks over a burgundy colored lip liner in bright light. It's a little difficult to get photos in sunlight with all this crappy weather we keep having :(  Ok, so I do love Dle's formula and the pigmentation is awesome. I think it may be my new favorite. But what about the "light up" part? Well, it's a pretty cool idea if you like to apply your lip gloss in the dark. And, I'll admit the occasion may arise where I actually need to apply my lip gloss in the dark, weirder things have happened I suppose. But is it really necessary to have a light in the wand?

I think I could really do without the light, honestly. It's very bright, and tends to shine in your eyes when you go to apply it. I don't really make a habit of applying makeup in the dark, so there's really no sense in having it. Not for that reason anyway. I did however find it useful when I dropped the mailbox key under the car seat earlier today.

So, my verdict. Dle Light Up Lip Gloss is a really good product for $8.95. I will be making purchases from them in the future for sure. I hope to see them add more colors, and I could do without the light. But it is a cool idea that sets them apart from others. And I suppose it could come in handy if you happen to drop something under a car set or some other dark, cramped area. The light is actually bright enough to use for a mini flashlight. Neat! It took me a week to figure out a good use for the light, but I think I finally did! So, aside from my crappy photos what do you think? Will you give Dle a try? Lemme know in the comments!