Sunday, January 13, 2013

My First Review: All Natural LightUpGloss by Dle Cosmetics

Hello lovelies! Today I'm very excited to be bringing you my first ever review. I'm kinda embarrassed that I'm currently using my phone to take photos. Any advice on photographing with a crap camera would be most appreciated. I promise, once I get the hang of this blogging stuff I will get a decent camera, so please bare with me. Ok, so on to the review!

Today I'm reviewing Dle Cosmetics All Natural Light Up Gloss in Plump Plum. I actually won the lip gloss in a giveaway hosted by Moxie Reviews. Dle Cosmetics uses all natural ingredients and the formula is ah-mazing! You can visit their website and purchase their lip gloss for $8.95 by clicking here. But without further ado, here's my lame photos of the awesome Plump Plum shade I picked out...

I dislike a lot of lip gloss because they always seem to be so sticky, but this one is just right. It's not too sticky and it doesn't have a funky taste to it like a lot of other unflavored lip gloss does. There's quite a bit of pigmentation to it too. Currently, Dle only sells their lip gloss in 8 colors. Gorgeous as they are, I hope they will add more in the future because I'd like a little more variety to choose from.

I always tend to go for darker shades on my lips and eyes, and I must admit I really am impressed with this lip gloss. I'm a smoker, so my lip gloss tends to wear off quickly, but this stuff actually stayed put fairly well when I used it over a lip liner. And like I said earlier, since it doesn't have a funky flavor to it and it isn't overly sticky, I really like it :) What do you think?

Yeah, I know. Another horrible photo, but it shows you how Plump Plum looks over a burgundy colored lip liner in bright light. It's a little difficult to get photos in sunlight with all this crappy weather we keep having :(  Ok, so I do love Dle's formula and the pigmentation is awesome. I think it may be my new favorite. But what about the "light up" part? Well, it's a pretty cool idea if you like to apply your lip gloss in the dark. And, I'll admit the occasion may arise where I actually need to apply my lip gloss in the dark, weirder things have happened I suppose. But is it really necessary to have a light in the wand?

I think I could really do without the light, honestly. It's very bright, and tends to shine in your eyes when you go to apply it. I don't really make a habit of applying makeup in the dark, so there's really no sense in having it. Not for that reason anyway. I did however find it useful when I dropped the mailbox key under the car seat earlier today.

So, my verdict. Dle Light Up Lip Gloss is a really good product for $8.95. I will be making purchases from them in the future for sure. I hope to see them add more colors, and I could do without the light. But it is a cool idea that sets them apart from others. And I suppose it could come in handy if you happen to drop something under a car set or some other dark, cramped area. The light is actually bright enough to use for a mini flashlight. Neat! It took me a week to figure out a good use for the light, but I think I finally did! So, aside from my crappy photos what do you think? Will you give Dle a try? Lemme know in the comments!


  1. Your first review is a success.

    You covered all the necessary details.

    Your pictures are nice. You had good lighting and using a camera phone isn't so bad as long as you crop and use good lighting.

    Never heard of this lip gloss but now that I see how great you reviewed it, I'll be on the lookout for it. :-)

  2. Thank you Lizzy! I really appreciate your imput :)