Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Creations by Lynda Mint Orchid Swatchism!

Hey peeps! Sorry to my neglect poor blawg, but I doubt I've hurt anyone's feelings lol. My shiz came in early, so I had to play with it! Now that I'm behind on swatches, I figured I better pound this one out today. If you've missed my other Creations by Lynda review, I'll fill you in a bit. Her polishes are awesome, but that cuticle oil is friggin amazaballz! Whatever, I love it. I love it so much in fact, I had to order a bottle when the mini I won ran out. Plumeria is one of my favorite scents, but since it's summertime and I no longer drink the nectar of the gods, I figured it'd be nice to have the Pina Colada scented cuticle oil :) Glad I did that too, it smells yummy! But, along with my cuticle oil, Lynda also sent me one of her mini polishes, Mint Orchid, and a tealight candle in sugar cookie scent! Yay, looky!
Ordering from small businesses is becoming an addiction. The extra goodies and adorable packaging definitely make ya feel like a valued customer. And, I totally forgot Lynda sold candles. I love candles! Another thing for me to start blowing hubub's hard earned money on :) Enough chatter, let's get to Mint Orchid!
Crelly polish is one of the best things EVER in my personal opinion. I don't know that I'll ever get tired of them. Hope you guys like them too, I'll be listing several in my shop when time comes to open. But for now, let's check out Mint Orchid swatched...
It's so pretty :) Teal hex, square, and micro glitters in a white crelly base. There's also some light green hex and mint green squares, possibly more. Love the color theme, very fresh and minty looking. Reminds me of certs! That shot is in natural light, 3 coats of Mint Orchid with a thin coat of top coat. Why one thin coat? The next swatch demonstrates that beautifully...
I got so busy mixing up holos, I forgot I ran out of top coat. That closeup shot of awesomeness is Mint Orchid, 3 coats, NO top coat! Wooo I'm impressed! I'll need to purchase the full size version of this shiz when I start making some money back on all the polish making junk I bought last week. No joke, I started out small, I thought. But I still spent a few hundred dollars! Granted, about $50-$60 of that was used on my personal polish & nail care stuff ('cept for top coat obviously). So, I decided to do something I HATE doing...I put me self on a no-buy for a bit. I need to order more glitter, pigment, and I want to get another bottle of base because running out SUCKS. Other than that, I will try to behave myself and not splurge for the time being. But when I'm done the FS version of Mint Orchid will be mine. It has an excellent formula, and the glitters are small enough that no fishing is necessary even with those evil little mini bottles :) Dry time was good, and I'm uber impressed with how smooth the finish is without top coat. Now just because I really, REALLY love this stuff and I think everyone should try it...Let's show ya my cuticle oil, yay!
 No exaggeration, this stuff has worked wonders on my nails and cuticles. Since I'm awesome, I am placing a list of ingredients below. If you're not allergic to anything, I highly recommend you order a bottle to try out for yourself. I just gave up my secret for bangin' ass nails and cuticles. You're welcome.

Safflower Seed Oil, Fractionated Coconut Oil, Avocado Oil, Grapeseed Oil , Sesame Seed Oil , Olive Oil, Soybean Oil , Aloe Vera Leaf Extract , Jojoba Seed Oil , Vitamin E
(with the option of 4 different scented versions)

You might be pleased with the price of Creations by Lynda cuticle oil as well. You can pick up a 3.5ml roller bottle for $3, and a full size 15ml bottle (with brush cap) for only $5! Click here to do that yo. I opted for the small roller-bottle because I love those damn things. Now that I've ordered an empty 2.5oz bubble bottle for no other reason than I wanted to, I'm seriously thinking about just ordering a couple ounces of this stuff so I don't run out for a while. I'm so not kidding, I like it that much. Now I don't really think it's necessary to show another shot of the candle. It's obviously a creamy white tealight soy candle in an uber yummy sugar cookie scent. I haven't used it yet, I'm saving it. However, I did have to unwrap it and touch it with the tip of my finger. OMG, my finger smelled like sugar cookie for like 10 minutes! Score :) I recon I'll need to try out more of these on occasion too. Now for some linkage. Click here to visit the shop's home page. There's some awesome goodies for sale. You can also follow Creations by Lynda on Facebook by clicking here, and follow her other page The Nail Files by Lynda here for awesome sneak peeks of new creations and more. Sooo, may I ask, will you be trying out this heavenly cuticle oil? Oooh, and isn't Mint Orchid friggin sweet? Own any creations yourself yet? Leave me some comment love if you choose. Until next time peeps!


  1. Thank you Tami! <3 I'm so glad you enjoyed everything.

    1. You're very welcome, and thank YOU! Love this stuff, and I'm pondering ordering 2oz of your unscented oil, so I can refill my roller bottles and add scents as I get ready to use them :)