Friday, August 30, 2013

Pinkey Nails Has Re-Opened - New swatches comin at ya!

Hey peeps! I'm sorry this post will not be my normal wordy posts. I've been uber busy, with the shop opening, kiddo going back to school, and of course working on my products. I find it EXTREMELY difficult to find the time to blog, or even swatch for that matter. I can usually multi-task with them best of 'em, but I like to concentrate solely on my blog posts when writing them or else I make TONS of typing errors. That being said, I'm showing you a couple new crellies from Pinkey Nails. Her shop has re-opened, and she's got new items in stock. Links will be provided at the conclusion of the review. First up, I've got a white crelly with a slight shimmer. There's lots of random neon glitters mixed in. Check it out...
That be White Light. Ignore the label. Daisy, star, and hex neon glitters demand your attention. Closeup...

Cute! Formula & dry time are good. Swatch shows 3 thick coats + Seche Vite top coat because my Walgreens was sold out of OTD, which is what I PREFER to swatch with. SV is a little pricey, tends to bubble if my coats are too thick, and causes shrinkage on occasion. Don't have to worry about any of that with the other stuff. I need to order a big bottle, I go through OTD like I used to go through vodka. Now that I've fed you too much info, let's move on to the next swatch, A Night In The 80's...

Another bottle of cuteness. Closeup...
This one is adorable, loaded with another neon glitter mix. Different glitter than what's used in White Light. Application was easy, no issues with glitter placement or dry time. I used 3 thick coats for that too btw + SV. So, my opinions...I dig these, like the white one better but they're both uber cute with dreamy formulas. I have 2 other Pinkey Nails pretties to show you soon, one of them is a thermal polish! I've got to work on my pre-orders and restock the shop, so I wont promise the next review will be up tomorrow but I'll do my best to have it up within the weekend. Now, linkage...If you're interested in checking out what's available in Pinkey Nails Etsy shop, click here. Like Pinkey Nails on Facebook here to stay utd on shop news. Now it's your turn...Which is your fave? Own any Pinkey Nails, want to? Leave me comment love if you wish. I'm out yo!


  1. Pretty, Pretty colors! I like your new nail shape by the way! Its very "Watch out or I'll stab your face off, but at least I'll do it with pretty nails!"
    Though I do not have children I do have a polish shop and JESUS must you be multi taskin' HARDCORE. I feel for yuh!
    Nice to see you again though!

    1. LMAO! I always enjoy your comments :) These daggers are pretty neat, in an evil, demonic sorta way. Hope you enjoyed your vacay!