Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Pinkey Nails Textured Polish Prototypes swatches and review

Hey Peeps! Things have been a bit hectic around here for a couple weeks, so I haven't been able to post as much as I would like. Today, I must show you these two textured polishes created by Pinkey Nails aka my polish buddy Sara. These aren't for sale in store as of yet, she's waiting to get some input from fellow polish peeps before they'll be available to the public. If you've ever had a convo with me, you know I HATE textured polish! I think I might kinda like OPI Pussy Galore, but honestly I think it's mainly 'cause of the name. I also think I need Scofflaw's David Bowie's Bulge, and now I also need Jindie Nails Princess Consuela Banana Hammock, thank you Cynthia. Anywho, since I had been adamant not to buy any textured polish I decided I should probably get some just to have something to compare Sara's concoctions to. So I got Sally Hansen's Sugar Coat, and continued my Target polish excursions till I found 2 other shades. Agh, my Target still isn't opened back up yet, I'm not even sure how much of it's still there. Sadly, they had the BEST polish selection ever. Enough pissing and moaning, back to the review. Check out the first of two textured prototypes, I call it Protoblue...
I love that color, btw. There's tons of glitter in there too, I think I even saw a few small blue bar glitters. The formula was on the thicker side, so I decided to add a tiny bit of thinner which made it easier to spread. Check out out...
Being so loaded with glitter, it's understandable why it's a bit thicker. It really is gorgeous though, kinda reminds me of Zoya Pixie Dust. Here's a macro just 'cause I can...
Did I mention I love that color? Now let's check out the second Pinkey Nails Textured polish. I introduce you to Prototype number two...
 So, it's kinda gun metal grey with purple-blue shimmer. There's loads of holo micro glitter among other glitters mixed in too. The formula of this one was awesome, no issues at all with application. Dry time wasn't bad either. How's about a closeup?

So there ya have it folks...Pinkey Nails textured prototypes. I like the colors, actually I love the blue color especially. Since I'm not a fan of textured polish, I'll probably try wearing the blue shade with a couple coats of top coat. Compared to the Sally Hansen Sugar Coats I've tried, these seem a bit thicker BUT - they are chock FULL of glitter so that's understandable. Prototype #2 is the perfect formula however, very easy to work with. I found the formula of SH Razzleberry to be a bit too thin, I made a mess on my cuticles which was very irritating. If you've ever noticed my swatches, I never paint close to my cuticles. That's because I'm lazy & hate the cleanup, and I'm very OCD-ish about my nails. I find it much easier to make clean polish lines when I start a bit away from the cuticle too, and that is an extremely important factor in my obsessive tendencies. Check out Pinkey Nails on Etsy here. Head's up, she's got her polishes listed at $6 a pop. Pretty sweet. Like Pinkey Nails on Facebook here for shop news, updates, giveaways, etc.  Soooo...whatcha think? Are you diggin' the textured trend or do you hate it? Do you think Sara should work on the textures a bit more & sell them in the shop? Leave me some comment love folks, comments make me happy :) Well, spam and rude, snide comments piss me off but the rest of that stuff is awesome! Don't forget to get your daily entries in for the giveaway. I'm even nice enough to save you some time, click here to head to the giveaway post. Till next time folks...


  1. Haha I wanted to get Pussy Galore for its name too! Such a funny name!

  2. Replies
    1. Oh shit!? Did I not share a link on your FB?

  3. I like the colors, but I think the texture seems kind of lumpy? I don't know if that is a good description. Anyway, I don't know if there is a way to get the texture to be a little different because I don't think I like it--but then again, it could just be me not liking textured polishes anymore. haha. And you're welcome about Princess Consuela Banana Hammock! lol

    1. Yeah they do, drove me nuts about my photos! The blue was smoother to the touch than the other one. I'm way too OCD-ish to like anything textured. However, I decided to go back and get more of the SH Sugar Coats just so I could write a review on them. Those SCs do look like ceiling shit! lmao :) They're fun to make silly nail art with though.