Thursday, March 7, 2013

Revlon Swatches - Girly, Ritzy, and Scandelous

Hey peeps! I decided to swatch some of my untrieds from my shopping spree a couple weeks ago. I figured I'd start things off with some Revlon swatches. I finally found Girly, Ritzy, and Scandalous. Sadly my search continues for Whimsical, I'm starting to think I'm not meant to have that one. Seriously. Anywho the Revlon's I did snag are pretty damn cute. Check it out....

Here's a swatch of Revlon Girly from the Bubble Gum Days Urban Nights collection. Now I have to be honest...This is one of those creations that look better in the bottle than my nails. I first tried 3 coats of Girly over Seche Clear. I really did not like it, kinda washed out with my pallid skin tone. So...I decided it would look better with a tinted base. Props to Melissa of The Claw of Cthulhu, I got the idea from reading her swatch post. Check it out here. Since I really like the way OPI Ridge Filler looks on my nails I figured, why not? I think it was a good choice...I used 3 coats of OPI Ridge Filler (I love the creamy matte finish, don't judge me), then 3 coats of Girly, and I topped it off with 2 coats of OTD.

The mix of purple, light pink, gold, and bright pink glitters is fun but I think I'll keep my eyes peeled for some indie dupes. The formula of Girly wasn't the best, but not their worst either. It was streaky and, is it just my bottle, or do all of them have taco glitters? I mean, it's not to bad but they are definitely not flat. I didn't have a hard time smoothing them out so I guess it doesn't matter. Another thing I dislike about Revlon, not just Girly, is those skinny ass brushes. I have a really hard time not streaking the hell out of my finish with those things, yet I continue to buy Revlon because they always manage to release something I think I can't live without. Here's another one of those...

Revlon Scandalous has about the same formula as Girly, only this one doesn't have the slightly curled glitters. It's a black base with medium purple hexes with purple micro glitters mixed in. This one was streaky like girly (thanks to the skinny brush I think), dry time seemed a bit slow too. Overall it's still pretty but I doubt I'll wear it much. Next up I'm gonna show you a swatch of Revlon Ritzy....

Ritzy was another Revlon shade I thought I couldn't live without. I was wrong. Nightmare formula! I found this one to be thick and streaky, a complete pain in the ass to work with. I don't know if there's just a bad batch that I happened to get into or what, my bottle of Ritzy sucks! Dry time was slow, and it took 3, yep 3 coats of OTD to halfway smooth it out. I'm definitely going to add polish thinner to this one if and when I decide to use it again. The base is black, obviously. It's not a black jelly either, more opaque, maybe a crelly? Anywho, the mix of silver and black hexes with the silver micro glitter is cute, but the base is too opaque. The black glitters don't show at all and the base covers up a lot of the silver. Overall Revlon Ritzy is my least favorite of the 3. FAIL. So, do you have any of these? If so, do you like 'em or hate 'em? Did you have the same issues I had? I'm interested in hearing your opinions, lemme know in the comments!

 Oh hey, I almost forgot to mention the vote-like-share contest I'm having on Facebook! Last weekend I had to go to Texas with the Hubs so he could visit his mom and stepdad whose health is failing rapidly. While we were there we took the mother-in-law to Walmart and of course I had to check out the polish aisle. There wasn't much I was impressed with but I did find some Hardy Candy Matte Topcoat. SCORE! If I heard correctly Hard Candy is discontinuing it so I snatched up the last bottle! I figured it would be a sweet prize for a like and share contest. So, here's what ya gotta do...Like Polished Dreams and Life Things Facebook page, like and share the original contest post pinned to the top, be sure to leave me a comment on the post thread letting me know you liked and shared. Tell me which prize you want to win while you're at it. I'm going to let this one run for a little while, I've decided to close it once I reach 300 Facebook likes. After this contest is over we will do a "follow-tweet-share" contest on Twitter. Winner will get whichever polish wasn't picked by the winner of the Facebook contest. Sound good to you peeps? I'm sorry, again I'm only able to ship within the US. I'm kinda poor right now, but I will make it up to my international polish pals soon :)


  1. Revlon is definitely not my favourite brand. I also have drying problems with their main line. It's such a crawl to get it to dry! Hate those skinny brushes too. I love their shades but formula and application is such a bummer... But it is what it is - I am too cheap to buy Glitter in the Air. Ritzy is a poor dupe of Metallic 4 Life from the Minaj collection from OPI. it's a lot more lumpy. M4L was a one day wear for me but was super pretty.

    1. No kidding! I just keep buying Revlon, like it's doing me any good to complain lol. I love the pretty colors they put out :/ I'd be a bit happier if they would make the brushes wider, those skinny things are a pain to work with.