Sunday, March 3, 2013

Shimmer Polish long overdue swatch and review post

Hey peeps! HAPPY WALKING DEAD DAY!!!! Long time no swatch post huh? Sorry about that, I've been a bit busy lately and to be totally nails have been looking like s**t because of it. Shhh, that's my dirty little secret. I did do a guest post last week for Of Life and Lacquer, I'm pretty stoked about that. If you didn't catch it, you can do so here. Anywho, I won several awesome bottles of Shimmer Polish a couple months back. Yes, shame on me for not blogging about it sooner :(   But, they are awesome polishes and I figured I really needed to make time to swatch them! So here's the dealio...I entered the Nasty Nail Art contest, hosted and sponsored by several awesome bloggers and indie makers. I only entered because it sounded like fun. I'm a horrible nail artist and had absolutely no intentions on actually winning anything...Crazy thing is, I did! LMFAO! Peeps actually liked my Bushy Beaver nail art, you can check out my entry post here but be's vulgar and disgusting, not meant for young eyes. Anywho, I won 5th place which happened to be several bottles of Shimmer Polish. SCORE! And a couple weeks later I ended up getting lucky again and winning one of Shimmer Polish's Facebook contests, so the awesome Shimmer ladies ended up sending me a total of 8 bottles of polish! Nice, very nice! For that reason, I'm going to make this a 2 part post. Without further ado, how 'bout those swatches?!?

Here's a shot of Shimmer Jenny over Sinful Colors Cinderella....This swatch shows 2 coats of Jenny over Cinderella, with 2 thin coats of OTD. It's really impossible for me to tell you all the colors used to create Jenny, I found it equally as hard to get a photo that captured the true beauty of it. I decided to take bottle shots of each polish so you could get a better look though.

Not the greatest bottle shot, but It's not easy to get photos of glitter bombs. Regardless of the sub-quality photo, you can see the base is basically just blue glitter. There's also red, purple, orange, gold, teal, holo, and who knows what else packed off in this one bottle. I love it. Sizes range from micro to medium hexes, it's so much prettier in person.

Next I want to show you my fave. This one is just simply Shimmer "Giveaway" polish. I'm assuming that means it's limited edition, which makes it all the more special to me :) I found OPI on sale at a local Targe. Yes, I totally meant to leave the "t" off. I watch too much American Dad, so ever since I heard Francine call it Targe I had to start saying it too. Don't judge me! Anywho, I found OPI's Not Like The Movies for $5.95 and knew I had to rock it with Shimmer's Giveaway polish. I think it was a good choice, check it out yo!

I personally think they look perfect together. The swatch above shows 3 coats of Shimmer Giveaway polish over OPI Not Like The Movies, with 2 coats of OTD. Now, there's a couple reasons why the Giveaway polish is my fave...For one thing, it's the most unique Shimmer Polish I have, and another reason is because there's small holo bars in there! Wooo! I know lots of folks have a love-hate relationship with bar glitters but I love 'em when they're mixed with other glitters. Here's another impossible bottle shot... besides the small holo bars, there's a healthy mix of gold, orange, green, purple, blue, red, large lilac hexes, medium holo hexes...There's probably more. But you get the jest of it...Glitter Bomb!

Next swatch is my second fave of my SP collection. Shimmer's Marilyn would make Misses Monroe proud. It's a gorgeous deep burgundy red jelly, with red and burgundy micro-glitters. Alone this polish actually dries to a gritty, matte-like finish reminiscent of textured polish in my opinion. For my swatch I used 3 coats of Marilyn with 2 coats of Seche Vite. I thought the formula was a little too thirsty for OTD, not that I'm complaining. Check it out...

And my best bottle shot yet...This one was much easier. Good grief that's gorgeous! I actually like this one better than CG's Ruby Pumps...Marilyn has much more depth to it. I'm like, apparition-white though...I'm sure ladies with darker skin tones could rock this better than I do, but I still love it!

Now here's my 3rd favorite Shimmer polish...It's another "giveaway" polish, therefor has no name so I shall call it Fat Tuesday because that's what it makes me think of. It's an awesome base of orange micro-glitter with green, purple, and possibly other small glitters mixed in. There's also medium gold and holo hexes, which totally sells it for me. Unfortunately, it's impossible for me to capture the full awesomeness of this polish. The hubs just bought me a nice, crazy-complicated camera a couple weeks ago. You'd think I'd figured out how to take better photos with it by now. Obviously I have a lot to learn...

Sorry for the awkward angle of that one, I wanted the purple and holo glitter to show up. I need not say more. Here's a bottle shot at a different angle,using a flash with some nails thrown in...

So the verdict on Shimmer Polish...I love 'em! I'm a sucker for glitter bombs and these rock my socks. If you're interested in trying out Shimmer Polish yourself, you can check out what's in stock at their Etsy store by clicking here. Prices are $12 per bottle, custom polish is $15 per bottle. You can also check out whats for sale on the Shimmer Polish website here. Keep up with the latest Shimmer Polish happenings by liking their Facebook page here. Sooo...What's your thoughts on Shimmer Polish? Do you own any? Thinking about buying some? I'd love to get your opinions!


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    1. They are sooo pretty! The one I call Fat Tuesday was absolutely PERFECT for my Mardi Gras mani!

  2. Whoa, your swatches are so good here! You really showed off the shimmer and shine!!! Honestly I think the new camera was a huge step. I noticed a vast difference and it looks great! <3 Keep it up! I love it!