Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A Girl Obsessed Swatch-A-Thon Post : Lacey, Mile High Club, Sock Monkey

Hey peeps! I planned to have this post published on Walking Dead Day, but I couldn't stop swatching...Anywho, I'm re-watching yesterday's TWD episode as I speak, er type...Am I the only one that thinks Andrea is a self-righteous ass monkey that needs to be sacrificed to the walkers for the sake of all mankind? Ok, maybe that was a little harsh, but seriously that chick annoys the hell out of me. So, let me get to the subject of this super-awesome blog post...A Girl Obsessed creator Sam gave me the opportunity to review some of her hand-mixed polish! She mailed me 3 minis in the most adorable little bag, check this out....
 I love it when an indie maker takes the time to add a little extra touch to the packages they ship out :) And, I got extra lucky. The day after receiving my AGO minis I also got my new Zoyas that I won from Love For Lacquer's blog giveaway. I haven't got a post published for these yet, but you can check out Jess's review here. The timing couldn't have been more perfect, I knew exactly what I was going to swatch Lacey over! I think they were good choices too. I used one coat of Out The Door top coat for all of my swatches, figured I'd go ahead and throw that out there so I don't have to keep repeating it.

First I swatched AGO Lacey - inspired by Sam's friend, another awesome blogger/polish addict Lacey of My Boyfriend Hates Makeup.  The polish that is the result of Sam's inspiration is a prissy, pretty pink glitter mix along with a few random iridescent shreds and large hexes in a clear base. You've got some bright pink circles, small red squares, matte hex glitters and the slightest bit of micro glitters for a little extra sparkle. To be totally honest, Lacey is not a polish I would have thought to purchase. I like pink, but I didn't think I liked it that much. I was wrong, dead wrong. I love it, and the Zoyas I won from the Lovely Collection couldn't have been more perfect to layer it with. Check this out...
I'll admit I got a little glitter happy with this one, but it's so pretty and shiny I couldn't help myself. The swatch above shows 2 coats of Lacey (and some extra glitter dabbing) over Zoya Gei Gei. I wasn't surprised to find the formula of Lacey was awesome. I expected it would be, I've tried 2 other AGO polishes and haven't been disappointed yet. The next swatch is something I never would've thought I'd be able to wear...Yellow and pink, together, on my own fingers and I loved it. I don't usually do yellow polish, it clashes with my pallid skin tone but I'm really diggin' Zoya Piaf. Throw some Lacey on there and you got some serious awesome sauce....
See what I mean? Awesome sauce. I love that combo! That's one coat of AGO Lacey (again, some extra glitter dabbing) over Zoya Piaf. It totally makes me think of Easter 2004. I had bought my daughter the cutest (and brightest) yellow and pink Easter dress. It rained like hell so we had to hide the Easter eggs in the house. We used plastic eggs too, so for like a month straight my 3 year old kept asking for us to hide her damn eggs :) Nostalgic. Anywho, back to the task at hand! Lol, see what I did there? Task at hand, nail polish swatches? Ok, ok... I saved my favorite swatch of Lacey for last because that's just how I roll, so here's a shot of Lacy over Zoya Julie...
Again I used one coat of Lacey, this time I didn't dab on any extra glitter. I thought it came out perfect, no need to fix what ain't broken, right? I'm thinking of doing my Easter mani as a Julie/Piaf gradient topped with Lacey. I think it'd be adorable. Here's another shot in different lighting and no backdrop. The pink shows up a little better...

The next AGO polish I'm reviewing is Mile High Club. It's a unique mix of medium and large sized blue matte squares and hex glitter in a clear base. There's also small shiny blue squares, medium white matte squares, matte silver hex glitters, large iridescent hex glitters and...Sam just reformulated Mile High Club and added holo to the base! I had already been waiting to try this one, and the moment Sam announced she'd added holo I had to announce my excitement! She was awesome enough to send me this one to review, isn't that sweet? Check it out yo...
The swatch above shows two coats of AGO Mile High Club over Sation Stirring Silver. Again, perfect formula. Minimal fishing involved with getting the larger glitters, another thing I love about AGO's polish. And speaking (or writing) of love, I love this combo! It's so gorgeous. But like Lacey, Mile High Club is versatile so you know I had to do it up right and try it out over more colors. Here's a shot of Mile High Club over China Glaze Red Satin...
I love this, I think I have my July 4th mani picked out already. It's so patriotic looking. Did I mention I love how versatile this polish is? Of course I had to see how it looked over a dark blue...
I used 2 coats of Mile High Club over Pro10 Starstruck. This is my favorite combo yet, my photo does not do this justice. Serious eye candy! Mile High Club is definitely going on my wishlist, I must have the full-size bottle! I have to see it over more colors...

The next AGO I have to review is Sock Monkey. Yep, I saved my favorite for last. I squealed like a pig when I pulled this one out of my little bag. I've been dying to try Sock Monkey, I'm a sucker for black glitter, matte glitter, circle glitter, and crelly polish...Sock Money is all of that plus some. It's stupid cute, and I mean that as a compliment.
See what I mean by stupid cute now? I had to include my thumb on this one, four fingers is not enough Sock Money! I LOVE those big black circles! This polish is so cute and unique. Besides the black circles, there's red matte hexes, small copper hexes and red micro glitter. As with any polish containing large glitters, they tend to sink to the bottom of the bottle so you need to shake it up good before you use it. And obviously you have to do a bit of fishing for the black circles, but I found that shaking the bottle after painting each nail helps cut down on a lot of that. The formula of Sock Monkey was awesome, perfect consistency. It's very creamy and easily spread across the nail even with the tiny mini brush, sweet! Undies aren't a must with this polish, I like that too. It's pretty damn opaque after 2 coats when I layer it over 2 coats of OPI Ridge Filler. I added a third coat anyway for a little more glitter and depth. I love Sock Monkey so much, it's going right to the top of my wishlist. It's so cute and fun, totally takes me back to the days I carried around my own sock monkey. Awww, more nostalgia. Just for good measure, I cannot resist showing you guys a closeup...

Have I mentioned I love that polish? I will have the full-size Sock Monkey soon, you can bet on that. So, my verdict on A Girl Obsessed....Obviously, I love each one I've tried. I had never tried an indie polish till Sam created Faery Farts aka Fae for me. Check out my review on that here. I also did a review on The Walking Dead polish, click here to check that one out. The 3 free base, awesome application, and fun, unique mix of glitters make A Girl Obsessed one of my favorite polish brands EVER. I totally recommend any polish addict give AGO a try, your polish collection isn't complete without at least one of them  :)  You can check out what's for sale on AGO's Etsy shop here. To stay up to date on shop news you can like A Girl Obsessed on Facebook. Check out Sam's other venture, Cooley Jooelry also on Facebook to see some sweet handmade jewelry too! 

The minis I wrote about were given to me to review. All opinions are my own, and yes I do LOVE AGO! So, I wanna know what you guys think. Which swatch is your favorite? Do you own any of the AGO pretties yet? Got any lemmings? Leave me a comment, I like comments  :) Oh, don't forget about my vote-like-share contest on Facebook. Help me get 300 FB likes peeps, I wanna give away some polish ;) I may just go ahead and give both away and buy something else for a Twitter giveaway...


  1. Tami, these look beautiful! Thank you so much. I can't believe how great Lacey looks over that yellow <3

    1. Yay! I'm so glad you like the review :) I love all 3 of them, I have to order the full size bottles soon. They are so cute!

  2. Gorgeous!! Since I am the Lacey of the polish, I'm gna say that thats my fave BUT Mile High over red looks amazing, too!

    1. Miss Lacey, I must admit I was totally blown away by your polish. I would've never thought to buy it, but I am so glad Sam sent me the mini to review. It's so pretty, I'm gonna have to order the full size bottle too -my daughter is eyeballing my mini!

  3. Sock Monkey! That's SUCH a cute name and idea for a polish! I love that one and how the big glitters emulate the big bug eyes of sock monkeys. Too cute.

    Most of these look like jewelry on your fingertips! Love them. :)

    1. Right?! I love her polish, especially Sock Monkey :)

  4. aw the pink is super cute!! love it! It brings back memories of bubble gum and fairy costumes!

    Thank you for being an inspiration =)