Thursday, April 18, 2013

Nail Art Contest Submission - Check out my berry cute mani!

Hey hey Peeps! How goes it? I'm doing great, thanks for asking! I decided to enter another nail art contest. You know I suck at nail art but this time I actually managed to make something that wasn't just completely stupid looking! Yay! I shall give you all the details at the conclusion of my post so you can enter too. You don't have to be a pro, just have fun! Here's what I created for the competition...

I wont even try to lie to ya, I love this! Most likely the cutest nail art I've ever created. Don't laugh, it's not funny. I told ya I wasn't a pro! Anywhooser, the strawberry mani idea came after 2 failed attempts at a leopard print mani. Check it out, and feel free to laugh at this one...
I think it looks more like a giraffe than a leopard, wtf? Hmmm, maybe my blobs are too big? Agh, I'll get better with practice. I hope. It still ain't too bad for my first attempt, I guess? Oh well, back to the strawberry mani. For no other reason than the fact I want to, hows about I flash another berry shot...
 I used China Glaze Red Satin as the base, Sinful Colors Exotic green for the tops, and gold Salon Perfect nail art paint for the seeds. Why gold? Because I discovered I need to buy a new bottle of black polish, this one's almost empty and it's SUPER gooey. I had little black threads all over my fingers when I attempted the leopard print so I decided to NOT ruin my strawberry mani. I think I made a good choice, the gold seeds are cuter, AND since it was nail art paint it came with a super skinny brush. I should seriously invest in some nail art tools if I'm ever going to get any good at this crap. Anywho, not bad for being artistically challenged. The hardest part about nail art for me is trying to come up with something cute AND unique. And the fact that I'm a ghetto nail artist if there ever was one doesn't help. One of my most used tools in my artsy-fartsy nail fail creations is a damn toothpick. I did NOT use a toothpick for the strawberry mani however. LMAO, I actually just wiped off the gold art brush & used it to draw the green tops after I finished dabbing on my gold strawberry seeds :) So, it's doubtful I'll ever be featured in NailedIt Magazine or anything like that, but I did manage to create some nail art that wasn't totally retarded.

I recommend you enter Lynda's nail art competition btw. Like I said before, you don't have to be a pro- just have some fun! Check out The Nail Files by Lynda on Facebook here and check out her blog post here for all the dirty details. Oh, there's still a couple days left to enter her rafflecopter giveaway so click the giveaway tab at the top of her Facebook page to enter. You never know, might win some rare polish! As far as the nail art competition goes, there will be 3 winners, each get some awesome Creations by Lynda hand-mixed nail polish! That is the whole reason I entered, you know I'm obsessed with indies and Miss Lynda has created some super awesome pretties. Check out her shop page, Creations by Lynda on Facebook here to stay utd on new releases and other shop news. I should also add that besides her pretty polishes, Lynda also makes soy candles, hand-dipped incense, and handmade soaps! Check out her site Creations By Lynda by clicking here. So, whatcha think? Are you going to enter the nail art contest? Do you own any Creations By Lynda yet? Lemme know something in the comments. Till next time Peeps!


  1. Just a suggestion, the first picture of the strawberrys are cute but their sort of hard to see! I found that cropping my pictures closer to the hand/nails makes it so you can see the image more! Honestly I just use paint to crop my images, it's easy and you don't need anything fancy!

    Your strawberrys are so cute! and I really like your leopard print, they look perfectly fine to me!

    1. You're right! I usually do crop them in Photoshop, I guess I forgot. Thanks for the advice :)