Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Things That Make Ya Go AWWW! - Skating In The Snow by Blue Eyed Girl Lacquer - A Rarity Worth Reading About!

What's this? Another swatch post, in the same week? Sure is! I'm too excited to wait to show you Skating In The Snow by Blue Eyed Girl Lacquer. I won the Reader of the Month giveaway from Wishes Of A Blue Eyed Girl. I was given the option to choose between several different awesome prizes, but you know how obsessed I've become with Indies so for me the choice was obvious...I had to have a Blue Eyed Girl Lacquer to add to my collection! I decided not to choose which hand-made pretty to try, rather just have her surprise me. I'm happy I did too. Skating In The Snow is so pretty, I literally said AWWW! when I unwrapped it. It's so fuzzy and cute. It's versatile too, it can easily be worn any season. Look how cute the bottle is?!
You avid PDALT stalkers know that I totally LOVE crelly polishes. They're one of my favorites things, not just limited to polish, but one of my favorite things EVER. Skating In The Snow is a white crelly base, with various sized and shaped pastel and iridescent glitters that shift from green to blue to yellow to pink. There's also hot pink and teal circles! I love circle glitters too :) Here's a macro...
 The only thing that irritates me is I can't seem to pick up the pastel greens, but at least you can see there's lots of various sized iridescent pretties mixed into the base as well. Now I think it's time to see what it looks like on the nails. Check it out...
See?! It's so cute, fuzzy, and sweet looking! And I'd wear it any time of the year, even though it's named Skating In The Snow. Unfortunately I wasn't able to capture the full beauty of it but at least lemme flash you a closeup to show detail...

So there you have Skating In The Snow by Blue Eyed Girl Lacquer. If you're wondering where you can purchase some BEGL pretties for yourself, unfortunately she doesn't sell her lacquers. Rather, whips up pretties for friends, family, and giveaways. Yep, the only way to obtain a Blue Eyed Girl Lacquer for the rest of us is to win some! Lucky for us it's easy. All you have to do to have a chance at winning some of her pretties is follow her blog and Facebook page, and interact! Once a month a random winner is chosen. So... you should totally click here to be directed to Wishes Of A Blue Eyed Girl's blog. You can also like her page on Facebook by clicking here. I really dig the fact that there isn't many people in the world that own Skating In The Snow, makes me feel special :)

On to the questionnaire...what do ya think of Skating In The Snow? Have you had the pleasure of owning a Blue Eyed Girl Lacquer? Notice the blog changes? I'm in the process of giving my blog a much needed facelift. Whatcha think so far? Lemme know what you've got rolling around in your head! That's it for now Peeps. Until next time...


  1. <3 Yay!!!! You make it look amazing! Thanks so much for always participating, and I'm so glad you love it! :)

    1. I'm super stoked to have it. Totally ADORABLE!