Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Pinkey Nails Lenore and Poppy - Re-Swatched + A Little Rant Post

Hello! Long time no post huh? Well, truth of the matter is I've been too poor lately to buy any awesome new polish. I have a LOT of untrieds, but I was really starting to feel like I might be loosing my mind by the beginning of last week. I wasn't planning on writing up a sob story but it's my blog, this shit really bothers me, so please forgive me for raping your eyes with my BS. Maybe I'll feel a little better if I open up about it a little bit, so feel free to skip down to the review- it's gonna get ugly...My dad died in December. Saddest part is, nobody KNEW he was dead for approximately 20 days. He died all alone, and laid there rotting and that weighs very heavy on my conscience (Yep I have one of those, don't tell anybody!) My little brother is the one that went to his house and found him. The worst part of all is - I had not been on speaking terms with dad since a drunken falling out on March 5, 2012. I'm not going to go into details but it was completely f***ing stupid and had I known that would be the last time I would ever see or speak to my dad I would have done things much, much different. One thing dad did say to me and my brother on more than one occasion is that he wanted us to cremate him and spread his ashes at Lake Arbuckle when his time did come. He also said not to worry, he'd be around for a long time. Less than a year after the last time he told us that he was gone. His ashes were spread a few weeks ago before I even made it out of the f***ing city so I'm pretty guilty about that too, although it was completely out of my control he did want me to be part of that but I let him down yet again. Anywho, I thought it might help to vent, but I think it's just making my blood-pressure go up. This whole situation has wounded me much more than I like to let on, and I'm still battling intense feelings that I am totally unaccustomed to. My dad didn't raise me to be a Sappy Sally. I apologize for unloading on you peeps like this, but I wanted to give you some explanation as to why I skitzed out last week. No worries though, although my life will never be the same I'm ok, or I will be. I refuse to let myself become consumed, although I did come dangerously close. So Let's move on with this indie review shall we?

Pinkey Nails is owned by my friend Sara, and I was honored when she asked me to review 2 of her polishes. When I received the minis I had just gave in to my OCD tendencies and butchered all my nubby nubs down to grotesque little stumps. I totally was not feeling into swatching anything with my nails in that condition. So, I feel I owe it to you guys and Sara to reswatch these pretties! First one is Lenore. Check it out yo...
 Now, like I said before Sara is a friend of mine. She sent Lenore for me to try and provide you with an honest review, so I'm totally doing that! The base of Lenore is stunning. It's impossible for me to tell you whether it's more blue or green, kinda in between I think. There's also the slightest pink shimmer and a healthy mix of holo that really makes this polish interesting. The swatch above shows what 3 coats of Lenore looks like over Sinful Colors Cinderella. Obviously it's very sheer - which is a good thing. Makes it versatile, and I like versatile polish. At risk of sounding like a jackass I will admit after some experimenting, I prefer Lenore much more without the white hexes, black diamonds, and red hearts. Allow me to demonstrate...
 That there be 2 coats Lenore over Wet n Wild Teal of Fortune - with camera flash. Flippin awesome yo! When I layered these it brought out a duo chrome holo look that I totally dig. How 'bout I flash a swatch without the camera flash?
I wasn't able to capture the pink and blue shimmer, so just trust me on the duo chrome thing. See the holo? Eeek! I managed to catch a bit of holo in a photo, the world must be coming to an end! Just because I love it, here's a closeup for your face...

I must say - Lenore layered over Teal of Fortune without the glitter is gorgeous! I really wish I knew how to catch the duo chrome in my photos. I have not done Lenore justice on this one. I really don't want to take it off, I have so much swatching I need to do though. Too much polish, not enough fingers. First world problems. Anywho, before I swatched this prettiness I swatched Pinkey Nails Poppy. Looky looky...
One word...Damn! That's 3 coats of Poppy over Sinful Colors Cotton Candy. I'm in love with this combo too. Poppy is a very sheer white-pink shimmer with holo and black matte diamonds mixed in with it. Now that I think of it, I really wish I had also swatched Poppy over Cinderella. I bet it's flippin' gorgeous too. Unfortunately I just now thought of it, it's late, and I'm tired. Forgive me. How 'bout a closeup as a feeble attempt to make up for my laziness?
So rocker chick, right? I think it's adorable! I am ashamed of myself for not experimenting with Lenore and Poppy a little more before publishing my first review. If you're wondering - the formula for both polishes is awesome. Very easy to work with, and dry time seems good to me. With or without undies, with or without the glitters you can create different looks which is something I appreciate. Final verdict on Pinkey Nails by Sara...After some experimenting I've fallen in love with Lenore and I look forward to trying it out with other colors. Poppy, now that one was already loved by me but even more so now that I've got the inspiration to try it out different ways. Ooooh, I am so gonna try it out with more of SC Sugar Rush collection shades - with and without the black diamonds! Anywho, be sure to like Pinkey Nails on Facebook by clicking here to stay up-to-date with shop news yo. Click here to be directed to Pinkey Nails' Etsy shop too. Btw, a little bird told me there's more Pinkey Nails creations in the works - coming soon!

Now surely you didn't think I'd release your eyes before forcing you to read a bit more...Whatcha think of my NEW Pinkey Nails swatches? Do you own any Pinkey Nails polishes yet? Anything in the shop you lust over? Lemme know in the comments yo. Y'all know I like comments, makes me feel like I'm not a looser blogger. Don't laugh - it's true! Until next time peeps...


  1. I'm sorry to hear about your father, sometimes when such big "life" things are bothering you it feels a little good to vent it out :)
    I'm sure I, as well as everyone else, appreciates that you still manage to blog through all your "life" things!
    Thank you for these swatches as well!

    1. Thank you for the kind words :) It does feel good to let it out, I have a very bad habit of trying to bottle up my emotions. Not a good thing lol. Thank you for understanding!

  2. That story is so sad. I'm so sorry that you have to deal with that kind of remorse. :( I hope that you remember the good times - they're what matter most and what we all think of first when times are dire.

    1. Aw :( I'm sorry Melissa, didn't really want to be a Debbie Downer. But thank you for the support <3 I really do appreciate it.